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Water is Important

ALKALINE KANGEN WATER is a great source for Alkaline Water: Call me to order the correct Unit.

It is a Water Machine that you can just hook up to your regular tap. It is the best and only one that we will use. A Doctor friend of ours purchased 10 different brands of water machines….non had the before and after stories that this one had. You can buy it thru us.

ALKALIZE-Kangen Water balances the acidity and makes it hard for disease and viruses to live.

HYDRATES & ABSORBS Kangen water through a patented Micro-Cluster technology, it transports nutrients directly to your body on a cellular level

NEUTRALIZES-Kangen Water disables Free Radicals

CLEANS AND HEALS- Kangen Water cleans your colon where disease starts. It can cleanse poisons that may have been stored for years.






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  • Patti Miner July 24, 2015, 3:29 pm

    Email me if you would like to get on a list to receive more information – pattiminer@msn.com

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