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I used to be such a very bad junk food addict.  I was not even aware of my eating habits. One day a professional woman I was going to for body counseling asked me to keep a record of everything I put in my mouth for one week. When we looked at it after that amount of time, all I’d had nutritious for the week was an apple, a carrot, and possibly a baked potato. Every other item was candy, cake, white flour, sugars, red meat or lots of milk products. I do not profess to be a vegetarian now, but since limiting red meats, white flours, sugars and limiting milk products, I have not been as sick as before nor have I had as many cold sores, pimples, cellulite, hay fever, colds, etc.

A health seminar I went to once said that a proper diet could help you have more energy, become calmer under pressure situations, and have more self control.

It also has helped me to quit being a slave to sugar and chocolate like I was. If I didn’t have a “goodie” by noon, I’d get a headache or become grouchy. It was not easy, however! If you plan on going off of something you normally have in your diet…typically it is good to go off gradually and replace it with something better. At this point in time, I try to have moderation. I still have goodies but only once in a while and after a meal.

I like my food to taste good however, so I’ve been introduced to a whole new substitute in health food stores. Our systems need glucose, whereas white sugar is sucrose and not easily digested. It is good to cook with honey. And it is good to cook with unbleached wheat flour and cold pressed oils. For munchies you could eat popcorn with sea salt and health food margarine, raw nuts (not processed in oil), fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are especially nice when they are in season in the area in which you live. The ground in the area in which you live contains the necessary elements and nutrients necessary for your body to function better in that climate. It passes these nutrients on to the fruits and veggies grown there. Thus better for you.  We should eat to live rather than just die to eat.

These are just some suggestions for food choices. Combining foods that work well together such as not eating proteins with starches and eating fruits alone are also good suggestions.

I think the most important thing to good nutrition is making wise daily choices what you will eat and eat everything in moderation.

Also we must realize that our bodies are amazing. Most bodies have been programmed with everything we need to maintain good health, if we simply take good care of them. We need to feed it properly, get the right amount of water, sleep and exercise so our body can restore itself.