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Oxygen and Exercise


Oxygen -deep breathing floods the cells with power

In all exercise routines they stress that you breathe deeply. Yoga is a masterful way to teach, balance, control, and most importantly deep breathing

Exercise is essential to maintain health


There are so many beauty books on the market today about exercise that I will only touch briefly upon this topic. It is well known that exercise is essential for health. I get grumpy and sensitive or very weak and easily bruised or hurt when I don’t exercise. The toxic waste builds up in your system and needs to be dispersed by the sweat of your brow. You also need to listen to your bodies needs as to how much exercise to give it. We live in a society of busy people. We cannot find time—we must MAKE time for exercise.

Isometric exercises, where you tighten and release or push against something is very effective. I enjoy walking or leg lifts with my foot turned to various angles to reach different areas of the leg. Also, sagging is an enemy of mine thus tightening and releasing the saggy areas helps to decrease flab and increase muscle tone.

Pushing the palms of the hands together, then farther from the body, as well as behind your back while lifting the arms, helps lift and tone the chest as well as upper torso. Using small weights will increase tone as long as you don’t build muscle around fat. Lose the fat through dieting, and try isometrics first, before weights. I enjoy aerobics, however, as long as the fat is gone first.  When I do aerobic exercises for very long I get small breasts and big thighs. I like my thighs smaller, so I watch how much I do. Just enough for heart conditioning is efficient for me, a consistent ten minutes to half an hour a day. “Moderation in all things” is what my mother used to say.

Dancers have beautiful physiques. They tighten and control different body parts in repetition to music for a higher motivation.

Breathing is critical to exercise. Oxygen helps move toxic wastes faster. I love yoga because of the oxygen flow it helps to maintain.  Deep breathing and slow controlled exhalation is stimulating to both body and mind.