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Water-Relaxation and Sleep




THEREFORE WATER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE NEED TO PUT INTO OUR BODIESWater makes up 90% of your blood     80% of your brain      70 % of the rest of your body 

Drinking Alkaline Water is Important as Disease cannot live in an Alkaline State and most of our diets and environments are acidic.

 A LOT OF BOTTLED WATER IS BASICALLY TAP WATER AND SOME STATES ONLY HAVE A 24 HOUR TURN AROUND FROM SEWER TO TAP.   It was disclosed that the “Aquafina” bottled water comes from municipal tap water and will now be labeled that it is from a public water source.   Example of Tap Water: Here is the “down and dirty” on Nevada water. We know a man that works at the health department …He told me that from the time you flush the toilet in Vegas, to the time that water has been treated and is coming out of someone else’s faucet or drinking fountain, is only 24 hours!  Their supply of water is so limited that they hit it hard to clean it up.. 

We should drink half our body weight in Ounces…so if you weigh 200 pounds…then you should drink 100 ounces of water a day. And that does not include other liquids as flavored liquids, juice, soup etc…are digested differently than pure water is.



‘Be cool’ as the phrase says. It is necessary to learn how to relax for the entire body to more fully respond to our true capacity. When we are tense our blood vessels restrict and our breathing is awkwardly controlled. Relax, so your mind can be quicker and your body can function properly. Let your true self come out from behind fears, mannerisms and worries that lock us up under their control. If you can effectively learn to relax, your body, mind, and spirit can bring your true energy to view, and you can become more poised and charming and thus beautiful.

The first relaxation exercise is practiced in many acting classes.  Acting teachers know that only if a person can truly relax can she effectively control emotional responses necessary to use on stage or film. First drink a full glass of water. Then, lie down with your back, head and feet flat to the floor. Now, empty the mind of all matters (turn off the phone, put a note on the door, etc…) Now concentrate on this instrument…the body. Tense the entire body as hard as possible at first, then mentally relax the feet, calves, thighs, torso, arms, then the head. Feel the body absorb into the surface you are laying on through complete motionlessness. Let your mind travel to a beautiful place such as a waterfall with a lake and large green trees and grass. There is something soothing about water. Psychiatric clinics use it for therapy. After 5 minutes you may gradually move each part such as the head, arms, torso, thighs, calves and feet.

The second relaxation exercise can be used while standing. Stand with feet slightly apart then lower head and arms as if to touch your toes with your fingers. Free hang for a minute then slowly let each vertebrae of the back rise. Start in the lower back. Come up slowly, one vertebra at a time until you get to the neck. There are 7 in the neck alone so this will be a very slow process. Keep the head loose and still down. Continue raising each vertebra until completely standing. Raise your head and take a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling slowly.

The third exercise is much like the first one, only it is in a head-stand position, with your legs and feet propped against a wall. After you come back to reality from letting your mind wander, lie on the floor a few seconds to allow the blood to flow gradually and smoothly throughout the body.

If time permits, you may wish to take a bath and relax for a few minutes in the middle of the day. Put oil or rose petals in the water for that feeling of being pampered.

When you are relaxed, life will be able to flow gradually and gracefully around and through you and come what may, you will be better prepared to handle it.



Sleeping Positions

-Sleeping on your back with the knees propped up

allow for the head, neck and spine to maintain a relaxed neutral

position. Having a pillow in the small of your neck to keep your head

propped up so it is higher than your stomach helps your digestion

to be aided by gravity.

-Most people move around as they sleep but awake ever so slightly

during the night to adjust their angles. This is good for circulation.

-Sleeping on your side can cause shoulder and arm pain.

If you realize that you are sleeping on a limb and cutting off the blood

supply to that limb adjust yourself so that you can restore proper posture

to your entire frame. If you do sleep on your side place a pillow between

the knees and/or Arms to keep the spine in alignment.

-Fetal Position and Sleeping face down can cause Back Pain since the spine

is not supported