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Inexpensive Effective Cold/Allergy Med

Inexpensive Effective Cold/Allergy Med


There is a really great cold/allergy med that was the grandfather of all the meds. It was invented by the scientist trying to find a cure for the common cold.

(His son dated one of my friends – thus I know this story)


He realized that this cold/allergy discovery was important to help the body to stop congestion from forming and getting infected… he donated it to all the medical organizations in the world for free as long as they would offer it to the public at cost.


A long time ago it was donated to the American Medical Association with the stipulation that it be sold to the public for cost ($1 to $2 for 100 pills) so you can ask any pharmacist at any grocery store for it. The AMA took it and added a bunch of sleepy stuff and other weird things and that became other meds that we know the brand names of today for a lot more money.
It is Chlorpheniamine Maleate. Take it when you first feel itchy or have cold symptoms. It works quickly and you can take one every 3-5 hours if you need to. I only need one a day on my bad allergy days.


This same scientist (Linus Pauling) later went on to win the Nobel Prize for the chelation of vitamins. (vitamins need to work together for optimum effect)

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