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Work Smarter Not Harder


  1. Take time early in the day to go over your goals and figure out your schedule and time for each task.
  2. Work when you are Rested and not Exhausted. The work will be more effective and successful. Just take a nap, exercise or rest if you find yourself working aimlessly and doing the same things over and over again or losing focus.
  3. Be All In – do not try to multi-task- keep focus on One thing at a time and do it to the best of your concentrated ability. Do not try to stay up with FaceBook, Text Messages, TV, Internet and other things on electronic devices that could be a distraction, unless that is the mode you are working in to accomplish your goal.
  4. Make a Priority List and do the most important things first when you are fresh
  5. Don’t let your entire list overwhelm you. Just focus on one thing at a time.
  6. Figure out a way to organize the things you have to do – perhaps make a list of places you have to go, things you have to physically do and people you have to call and devote time for each.
  7. Schedule breaks where you can do something YOU want to do that is different than what you’ve been doing. Take eyes and hands off from the computer if you’ve been working on that for a long time. Go somewhere private if you’ve been in public for a long time. These changes help us to re-charge our batteries.
  8. Remember your other Health Principals; Eat Healthy, Breathe Deeply, Stretch and Drink enough Water to keep brain and body lubricated.
  9. Do not make excuses. In sports it has been said the first person to make excuses (internally or out loud) loses. Such it is with life.
  10. Do not get discouraged when something doesn’t work…keep up the positive mental attitude.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell


Sincerely, Patti & Vince Miner

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